natalie kucken


from my last christmas while still living at home- i have no idea where i'm going to be a year from now.


a small series of elijah majeski, a beautiful boy i met through our photographs online and somehow it happened that we lived in the same sleepy area of michigan. we've taken photographs together and it feels like we're two of the same entity, sitting on my bedroom floor drinking coffee and talking about everything and planning magic things and we're both off to brooklyn soon, it's so odd that we found eachother and i know that we will be friends for a long long time. the only times that i've seen it snow this year are when i see him.

still, waking november

 shot in collaboration with elijah majeski, view his series here


i went away to toronto for a week on my own, i could write the most romantasized stories or put more photographs here but i would rather keep them for myself. i'm becoming more selfish about what i share on here, falling into a winter coma a home coma a going away coma.

 ghost me taken by lucas (
 agency elevator silly mirror photograph
 jordan more silly mirror things
 preparing for a shoot with kitty
 lucas assisting me on a shoot
 me by lucas
 i've never been torn leaving anywhere or anything before now