natalie kucken


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diary 3 (september 12)

i moved again to an awesome artistic community in brooklyn. summer has passed and i didn’t realize it. i’ve had trouble realizing anything that’s going on around me beside little things, i’ve been in my own lil world that is always in the present now, rather than the past or future which is how i’ve always thought, my brain is rewiring itself or something. i don’t know if this is what growing up is, it feels like the opposite though. a lot of days i wake up and go out with no plan and take trains and walk for hours and just watch things. i’m in love with this city. i have the closest thing to a ‘home’ since moving away. the month passed so quickly- there aren’t enough hours in each day, i feel like i slept or dreamed or thought or learned too much in them and i don’t know what it is, maybe i’m expecting to fit too much into each day and that’s why they’re so fleeting or something but time is passing so fast i’m a new person in each day, i do something completely different in every one. i can hardly remember even the first days of september or any in between. i’m accomplishing so much though and i love every minute of my life the way that i’m living it. i wish that i could share more of the non-diary photographs that i’ve been shooting these past months, i’ve been working very hard. okay for the sake of summarizing this point of time, september was mostly thinking and planning and evaluating and changing. there are so many ways that my life could go and i have to let it happen because i don’t have any plans and that’s the best thing to me i think, every decision i make can lead to something unknown and new. also right now i’m filling my backpack with books and notebooks rather than my camera when i go out, this post isn’t much. i need more time, for everything.