natalie kucken

playground love

a movie-still photostory for oh comely magazine

styling by jaclyn bethany
makeup by caroline baribeau
assisted by akilah walker
models are caroline west @ elite, lucy moore @ img, beth brown @ soul

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a series based off of moonrise kingdom for audrey grace shop

styling by jaclyn bethany
hair and makeup by stacy beneke
set design by lissy elle and me
model is gabrielle @ major

nologo-1 final-8 final-10 final-12 final-15 final-18 lil-25 lil-31


a small test shoot with kat @major

hair, makeup, and styling by me
thank you american apparel for donating most of the pieces

final-1 final-2 final-3 final-5 final-6 final-7 final-8 final-9 final-10 final-11 final-12 final-13 final-14 final-15 final-16

diary 6 (december 12)

i left new york city for the month, i stayed in toronto and walked around and rode the streetcars back and forth and talked to strangers mostly and had long breakfasts every morning, i stayed in rural canada and moped around and went in the woods and played board games, i stayed in detroit and was back to where i was six months ago, i stayed with my grandma and never left the house, i stayed with my family and had a real christmas, i stayed way upstate in a cabin with my closest old friends and laughed all day. in-between and nostalgic and i started having dreams in my sleep again.

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