natalie kucken

bon iver

on saturday afternoon i received a message online from a girl named marija who i had never met asking if i'd like to go see a bon iver concert for free. the next morning before the sun rose we drove for four hours to chicago. her and her father and sister were so lovely and nice. we walked around the city during the day and in the evening marija and i went to the concert. bon iver is my very very favorite musical artist and the concert was indescribable, probably the best thing i've ever been to ever. here are some photographs from the surprise trip. i feel so lucky.
so much love
morning from the elevated rail ride
street performer jumping over children from the gathered crowd
children playing under crown fountain
magic paper lamps at the art institute
marija's little sister double exposed in front of cloud gate (the bean)
sky walking
crying stranger girl


  1. chicago is one of my favorite places- you should check out SAIC!

  2. I love Bon Iver too, I wish I had the chance to see him playing live too!
    Stunning pictures, I just love their tones.

  3. what a lucky duck.

  4. these photographs are incredibly beautiful. i want to visit Chicago! i am so in love with Bon Iver's new album, ah. <3

  5. oh my gosh how do you make your photos so dreamy? they are lovely

  6. Aw, these are beautiful photos. And jealous about Bon Iver!!

  7. light leak and double exposure♥

  8. It's so interesting to see these photos because I was JUST at Chicago with photographs of all the same things as well! Small, small world.