natalie kucken

diary 7 (january 13)

back in new york city. i never know what day it is now. i had a lot of sleepovers, and also think i slept more than i was awake. almost all of the photo projects i shot this month were new. i haven't worked as hard as i was convinced that i would. i really love the people in my life and i'm going to try to be more present.

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  1. I love your perspective, Natalie. These images are really gorgeous and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. apart from eating better, I felt like I could've been the one who'd written the passage above -I related so much to it! But I hope you find that spark which lives within you again soon and let it burn inside out :) x

  3. You have such a wonderful way of seeing things, every picture has some story or sense of adventure and is so interesting.